Pool Re-Grouting

The Grout in your pool will eventually need replacement. Poor or missing grout can cause several problems –

  • As water leaks out and mixes with the concrete structure the chemicals released will upset the chemical balance of the pool water making it difficult to maintain levels and require extra chemical dosage.
  • Water penetrating below the tile surface will loosen tiles and erode the concrete structure. In severe cases the water will reach the metal reinforcement and cause rusting.
  • The pool will start to leak and where there are steps, these are normally of a hollow construction, water will build up behind these causing damage.

Damage caused to steps with water seeping behind tiles.

These steps were holding almost two cubic meters of water that had penetrated behind them over a period of time.

We provide a professional re-grouting service using high quality materials at a very affordable price. Please contact us for a no obligation, free quotation on our pool re-grouting in south Costa Blanca.

An example of a pool re-grouted by the Crystal Blue team.